Clickity Clack The Tablet Keyboard

Hardwood keyboard for tablets. Cherry with maple highlights

When you write with a Clickity Clack, you’re taking part in a special experience. The crisp clicks of the keys provide a physical connection the with the words your write, symbolizing the creativity and individuality of your writing. Each click is a reminder that your are in control of this craft and your writing is uniquely beautiful cultivating a connection between you and your words.

It is compatible with any tablet device, and connects via Bluetooth with a long battery life. As well, it will work with any Windows or Mac computer. It’s fast and east to connect to your iPad or Android tablet letting you get to work right away.

Made of the finest hardwoods the Clickity Clack is an elegant reminder of how much you’ve achieved with your craft, that you deserve beautiful things. A truly one of a kind item that will be a conversation piece for years to come. A keyboard that is more than just a tool, but a piece of art.